Rules for Beginners

Rule #1: Don't buy anything...YET!


Rule #2: Pay attention to Rule #1.

Rule #3: Get instruction from a qualified instructor -- who is not your spouse, parent, lover, paramour, etc.  Being a good fly fisher does not mean one is a good instructor.


Rule #4:  Don't fall for the old "Honey, you can have my old equipment to see if you like fly fishing."  (translation:  Now I can dump my old stuff and get some good equipment.)


Rule#5:  Learn the basics before the trip.  Otherwise, it's like entering the Indy 500 to learn to drive.  Avoid the painful acquisition or distribution of unwanted ear jewelry.  Take casting instruction, and make time to practice before you go.


Rule #6:  Read a little, watch a little, think a lot, then do.


Rule #7:  Practicing (the right stuff) yields proficiency.  A good 20 minutes, three times a week, is better than a marginal 60 minutes once a week.

You don't always fish in ideal conditions.  You shouldn't always practice in them either.  Play with the wind, selectively knock some snow off branches or cast to bunny tracks one set at a time.  (Click on print to enlarge).

Guided Boat, and Walk-In Trip Fees


1-2 Anglers, soft drinks, gear & flies, catch & release.


Full Day (7-8 Hrs)   $295*

Half Day (4-5 Hrs)   $175


*- Includes Lunch

instruction Fees

For three or more students $50 total for 4 hours.

For one or two students $50/hr, per student.

School of Trout - (Half-day, Full Day, and Half-day).  $395 for one or two anglers, $275 for each additional angler. Minimum of three for school.