If it looks like a minnow and acts like a minnow, it must be...lunch!

Hefty trout respond to winter tactics, as did "Miss January" pictured here.

Temperatures in spring fed streams tend to be more stable than the surrounding air. So fish the winter. The fish are there, other people aren't, and the flask/coffee is remarkably refreshing. 

Want to add a workout to your fishing? Let us line you up with the winter steelhead guides we trust. You're only a few hours from a whole new world of fly fishing.

At least he's not in a sweat shop making shoes
At least he's not in a sweat shop making shoes


Not just about trout!
Not just about trout!

13 lb cat, 2 wt Sage, 5x tippet = 46 minutes

Even more fun at the Illinois State Fair!


Guided Boat, and Walk-In Trip Fees


1-2 Anglers, soft drinks, gear & flies, catch & release.


Full Day (7-8 Hrs)   $295*

Half Day (4-5 Hrs)   $175


*- Includes Lunch

instruction Fees

For three or more students $50 total for 4 hours.

For one or two students $50/hr, per student.

School of Trout - (Half-day, Full Day, then Half-day).  $395 for one or two anglers, $275 for each additional angler.