Getting Started Fly Fishing?

Welcome to fly fishing! Novices come in wonderous variety. Some have simply recognized an interest and would like to get started right. Others have "fly fished" for years, reinforcing decades of bad habits. Those in the former group more often identify themselves as beginners. They also tend to become really proficient sooner.


What is getting started right? 


Gather some general information. There are many books and video's to learn about fly fishing. Some really help you, some are o.k., and some go so far as to join the other side. We are here to help you sort them out. These sources are great at providing general information.  They are less so, when it comes to hands-on skills, like basic knot tying and most importantly - Casting! The importance  and pleasure of good casting cannot be overstated -- not in the catching of fish; not in preserving equipment and body parts. Good books and DVD's can tell you what to do, but they cannot assess what you actually are doing, nor can they correct the problems. This is where proper instruction really becomes valuable. Learning correct technique will literally put you years ahead. We can give you that boost.


Do read the "Rules for Beginners." They will help.



Guided Boat, and Walk-In Trip Fees


1-2 Anglers, soft drinks, gear & flies, catch & release.


Full Day (7-8 Hrs)   $295*

Half Day (4-5 Hrs)   $175


*- Includes Lunch

instruction Fees

For three or more students $50 total for 4 hours.

For one or two students $50/hr, per student.

School of Trout - (Half-day, Full Day, then Half-day).  $395 for one or two anglers, $275 for each additional angler.