Companies Which Have Earned Our Confidence

If we had to consider one company for fly rods, that company would have to be Sage. The range of high performance rods is unbeatable and service is outstanding. Though they tend to require a higher initial investment, unlike some companies, their technology has kept pace with their pricing.  We fish with these rods, guide with them and instruct with them. 


For more modestly priced rods and a philosophy similar to Sage's, we suggest you look at Redington. Both companies also carry reliable reels in a wide range of prices.


There are many other options worth exploring and each have their following. Again, our picks reflect our decades of experience with the gear and companies. 


Guides often say there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Sometimes it's a matter of comfort, sometimes a matter of life. Happily the right gear usually preserves both. Waders, boots,rain jackets, outerwear, innerwear, in-between-wear, gloves, hats, sox -- essentially all you need to stay dry and warm, or sun protected and cool in harsh conditions is available. Their packs and bags have been on all our trips. Our experience with Simms Fishing Products...products, and service has been fantastic. We're still wearing some products purchased in 1995. Redington and Sage, mentioned above, also carry limited lines of quality outdoor wear, bags, and packs. It is ever so much better to have one good pair of waders than four leaky ones for the same price.


Listen long enough at a destination bar and you're bound to hear friendly discussions about which flylines, leaders and tippets are the best.  Everyone has their favorites.  We recommend finding a brand or two you like and staying with them.  For us, it's Rio fly lines, leaders and tippet.  Umpqua Feather Merchants, which produces thousands of many of the world's best flies, leaders and tippets.  We use them as well.  Umpqua does not make fly lines, but does offer top quality fly tying materials, packs, and accessories. 


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Guided Boat, and Walk-In Trip Fees


1-2 Anglers, soft drinks, gear & flies, catch & release.


Full Day (7-8 Hrs)   $295*

Half Day (4-5 Hrs)   $175


*- Includes Lunch

instruction Fees

For three or more students $50 total for 4 hours.

For one or two students $50/hr, per student.

School of Trout - (Half-day, Full Day, and Half-day).  $395 for one or two anglers, $275 for each additional angler. Minimum of three for school.